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If you’re like a lot of women running their own business, you’ll know it’s a rollercoaster! One day life and your biz is amazing, next day…you’re dreaming of working a 9-5 and clocking off at the end of the day without a care in the world.

But you reeeeaaaalllly want your business to work. You’re passionate. You’re committed. You know what you have to sell is valuable and needed.

I bet you also know the power video has to connect with your customers and get your business seen.
Who has a bucket of cash to drop on their own videographer?

Where do I even start with video??

You’re already juggling so much…you’re your own accounts department, marketing department and IT department. It’s hard to know what to focus on next…

You know you need to be doing video to keep up – but it can all feel too overwhelming.  

I mean, who has loads of spare hours to trawl through YouTube tutorials made by tech savvy 16-year-old boys speaking a language you barely understand?  Not to mention all the expensive gear everyone says you need!  

I’ve been there too.

Heck I’m still there often.  As a busy business owner myself – with three kids – I know how important it is that learning a new skill for your business has to be simple, fast and engaging.

I’ll be honest – video comes easily for me.  I’ve always been obsessed with pictures.  I got my first camera aged 12 and you better believe the first thing I did was make my friend take an arty photo of me in the chicken coop…

I worked in TV for 15 years Directing and Producing, before starting my own video business.  That’s where I work now, creating video content for business owners (shout out to Show & Tell), and living and breathing this stuff every day.

I want to help you

I know that what I do at Show & Tell is out of reach for a lot of solopreneurs, so that’s why I created Easy Smartphone Video.

I’m Michelle Sokolich and I’m super passionate about making video accessible to everyone.

And because giving back is in my DNA (thanks Mum & Dad!) I’m offering this course FREE to charities and social enterprises.  If this is you please email [email protected] so I can hook you up.


This is not just another online course

I know what it’s like to sign up to endless online courses and never do them (guilty!!)
– which is why you get free access to my Facebook support group when you sign up for Easy Smartphone Video.

Hand on heart, your success is important to me.  I’ll not only hold you accountable, I’m going to make sure you’re making the best videos you possibly can with feedback and advice.

Any questions?

You can get in touch at [email protected]

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