Hand’s up who’s signed up to an e-course and


Yeah, me too.

So I created my mentor service to get you to ‘done’ and totally nailing video.

EVERYONE who enrols in Easy Smartphone Video gets one free video review.

Not only will I hold you accountable, I really want to see you succeed.

Here’s what you get:

  • Personalised specific feedback on what’s working
  • What you can improve on next time
  • Practical next steps to take

“Easy Smartphone Video was vital in getting me started with video. But the real gold was in the personalised feedback I got from the mentor service – after that I got so many great comments from my followers!!! People went out of their way to DM me to say how much they loved my videos”

Emma Johns, Personal stylist

If you need on-going support (don’t we all)

then I’ve got you.

Once you’ve had your free review you can purchase extras to keep you on track and smashing out those videos.

Here’s how it works…

1. Once you have access to the course, you’ll be able to send your videos through to us
(2 minutes maximum duration)

2. You’ll receive an email with personalised specific feedback on how you can make your video even better.

3. Sit back and reap the benefits of your amazing videos!

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